What is Carts Guru ?

1. What is Carts Guru ?

Carts Guru is the all-in-one solution for abandoned cart recovery. The aim is to convert abandoned carts into orders through multichannels: Emails, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads and Automatic Calls. It can convert up to 20% (or more) of lost carts into sales.

2. What’s So Special About Us?

Carts Guru allows you to easily manage your retargeting strategy thanks to its multichannel retargeting strategy platform. You can manage different websites in only one platform.

Our email editor, allows infinite design possibilities, this will help your business to catch the attention of visitors you want to retarget.

Every channel's content can be personalised.

Channels can be combined to create strategies, with a personalised audience to retarget different type of visitors, in different countries, with carts containing different type of products. These parameters can be configured in the audience when creating the strategy. 

We offer a 10 day free trial to set your expectations towards the solution. The free trial starts as soon as you have created your account on Carts Guru.

We provide you with a devoted account management team that will help you with your strategy to maximise your results.