Using Facebook Messenger, The Prerequisites and Widgets

A. Facebook Messenger Prerequisites

  • Link Your Facebook Page
  • Widget is Not Being Displayed
  • Widget Types
  • Widget Content

B) Open Rate
C) Cost
D) How to Edit It?

  • Configuration
  • Product Recommendation
  • Discount Codes

Facebook Messenger channel aims at retargeting the non-identified lost carts. Which corresponds to visitors that do not have an account on your website.  

Facebook Messenger Prerequisites

Facebook Messenger retargeting works through the use of widgets displayed on your website. The different type of widgets will be presented later in this article.

The aim of these widgets are for your non-identified visitors to consent their contact details to your business, in other words: the non-identified visitor is providing their details to your business in order for you to be able to retarget them through Facebook Messenger at a later stage. 

The widget is a way to make visitors check the small box that allows Carts Guru to recover their Facebook contact details. Once Facebook addresses are collected, your business can retarget them later via Facebook Messenger if they have abandoned their carts.

Prerequisites: If you want to use this channel, the first thing to do is to check the Facebook SDK version, your website should use an updated Facebook SDK. If it is not updated, you have to update the plugin. If the plugin is not updated, the widget will not be displayed on your website, therefore Facebook Messenger retargeting strategy will not function.

If you want to offer a discount code in your widget content, you should create a discount code in discount management in Carts Guru platform.

Link your Facebook page: To edit your Facebook Messenger templates, you have to link your Facebook page to Carts Guru. Going on the Dashboard > Templates > Facebook Messenger > ”Give Access to Your Page”. Then you can edit the Facebook Messenger templates by visiting “How to Edit It” in Section D.

Widget is Not Being Displayed

The widget cannot be displayed on your website until Facebook Messenger is added to your rules and the rules are activated.  

Widget types
: There are different types of widgets and widget content.

  • Add to cart pop-up: It appears when the visitor adds a product to its carts.
  • Fly-out: It appears in a form of a small bubble at the right or left bottom of all of your website pages. You can personalise it (See Chapter D “How to Edit It”).
  • Add to cart embedded: It appears under all of the product descriptions when clicking on any product.
  • Exit pop up: It can either appear when the visitor moves towards the "exit" symbol on the page, or after a certain period of inactivity on the website, or both. This can be adjusted to your own preference. See section “How to Edit It" in this article. 

Widget content: The aim is that the visitor checks the box “send to Messenger” so that your business can retarget the visitor through Facebook Messenger. To do that, the content of the widget has to be interesting for the visitor. This can be done in several ways, such as giving discounts, which are usually most efficient.

  • Newsletter: You can use this headline; “Subscribe to our newsletter to receive best deals…”, the visitor has to check the box “send to Messenger” (which corresponds to the opt-in).
  • Lottery offering a possible discount code: The visitor has to spin the wheel for a chance to receive a discount code. The percentage chance to win and lose, and the discount are also configurable. The visitor has to check “send to Messenger” (which corresponds to the opt-in) to be able to play.
  • Immediate discount: The visitor has to check “send to Messenger” (which corresponds to the opt-in) to see the discount code. 

B. The Open Rate

The open rate of Facebook messenger is one of the highest due to the rise of social media in the past years, therefore we really recommend you to use this channel, due to its efficiency. The open rate reaches 98%. 

C. Cost

There is no additional cost to use Facebook Messenger.

D. How to edit it ?

After having linked your Facebook page, you will be able to edit your Facebook Messenger templates. 

Go to > Templates > Facebook Messenger > “Add a template”.

You can upload a picture for every Facebook Messenger template from the "Unsplash" database, or one of your own pictures. 

Widget configuration: Go to > Widget > edit the one you’d like to use.

Product Recommendation: You have the possibility to add product recommendation, indeed, we advise you to activate this option because it can encourage the visitor to go back to your website and look at other products to buy that they have previously seen in the product recommendation of the Facebook retargeting message.

Discount Code

If you have created a discount code on the Carts Guru platform, you can add the discount code in your Facebook Messenger text by clicking on > Add a Tag > select the discount code you want to offer.