Using Email On The Carts Guru Platform

A. How Does Email Work And What Are The Prerequisites? 

Email can be sent if your website recovers the email addresses of identified visitors that have created an account on your website. It implies that this channel will only retarget clients that have an account on your website. 

B. Its Open Rate 

The Email Open Rate is around 40%. This channel reaches a high percentage of customers because email addresses are almost always necessary when creating an account on any website, therefore it retargets an important number of customers.

C. How to Edit It?

Editing emails can be done in various different formats and designs, our design platforms is constantly evolving. The easiest way to discover it is by clicking on the Dashboard > Templates > Emails > Edit. 

Our account managers would be delighted to help you with your on-boarding and creating templates for you to optimise your strategy. The account management team can be reached by clicking on the small green bubble on the bottom right of your dashboard.

If you wish to do the the on-boarding yourself (this is the best way to have the exact templates you want), here are few tips that could help you: 

Email Name: You should give a name to each email you create so that you know the content of the emails without opening them each time. This will be more time efficient for your future campaigns.

Personalise The Email with Pictures:
You can upload a picture among millions of pictures available on Carts Guru email editor, the pictures are extracted from Unsplash or you can also upload your own picture.

Add the Customer's Name or Last Name:
The email usually starts with the name of the client or their last name. This information is obtained from the details your customer has left on your website.

Add The Social Links to The Email
: Social icons should always be added to the bottom of your emails, to create more engagement and to drive traffic to your website.

Email Content:
Write eye-catching and contextualised content so the reader can relate to it and encourage them to keep reading on.

Duplicating Email
: You can create a single email template, then duplicate it and change the content for other email communications.

Direct Link To Check-Out In Abandoned Carts
: There should be a direct link to check-out for abandoned carts. Make sure it is the correct link in order for customers to be referred to their desired destination, the check-out page.

Product Recommendation
: You have the possibility to add product recommendations. We advise you to activate this option because it can encourage clients to go back to your website to purchase other products that they have previously seen in your retargeting email.

Discount Code
: If you have created a discount code on Carts Guru platform, refer to Channels > Discount Codes. You will have the possibility to implement discount codes in the email checkout button. The discount is already applied in your check-out.

To add the implemented discount code:

Email Template > Content > Button > Discount, then select the discount you want to apply.

Best Use Tips:

In order to improve the delivery rate of your emails you should add Carts Guru as trusted sender. To do that you have to update DNS:  > Email Templates >

> Click on: "Click here”

Lastly, copy the SPF record into your hosting provider to improve your email delivery rate.