Text Message Channel

A) How Does It Work ?
B) What Is The Text Message Open Rate ?
C) Cost
D) How to Edit It ?

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  • Discount Codes

A) What is it, How Does it Work?

The Text Message channel will help you to retarget clients who abandoned their carts on your website.  It implies that this channel will only retarget clients that have an account on your website. Thanks to phone numbers left by visitors that created an account on your website, you will be able to send text messages to them. It implies that this channel will only retarget clients that have an account on your website.

B. Text Message Open Rate

This channel is very efficient because its open rate is 98% on average. 

C. Cost

The Text Message cost is added to your monthly plan, or included in the personalised plan we create for your business. Below pictured are the prices/country.

D. How to Edit the SMS?

You can edit SMS on your Dashboard > Templates > SMS

The ID sender:
First, you can edit the ID sender, it corresponds to the name that will appear on the mobile phone of the retargeted client when receiving the SMS.

It is restricted to 11 characters without any spaces. You could create an abbreviating name if your website name is too long. However, we advise you to keep it simple, and use a name that is easily recognisable for your customers in order not to create confusion.

The content:
Editing the content of the SMS: There is a maximum number of characters to 122.
Adding special characters can count for multiple characters, be careful with that, otherwise you will pay for 2 SMS. Do not worry, if you use too many characters, it will be written in red under the writing box: “this SMS will count for 2 SMS”.

The SMS usually starts with the first or last name of the customer. This information has already been captured previously through your website. You can add it by clicking on “add tag”.

The content of the SMS usually ends with a direct link to the check-out cart, indeed, the aim is for your customer to convert the abandoned cart into a sale. You can add it by clicking on “add tag". however, the direct link to cart is placed by default. 

Discount Code: If you have created a discount code on the Carts Guru platform, you’ll be able to integrate discount code in the SMS content.

Option 1: You can either add a direct link to cart with the discount code directly applied, the aim is to make it easier for customers, they do not need to copy paste the discount code. 

Option 2: The second option is to add the discount code in the text, separate from the direct link to cart, in this case, the customer will have to copy paste the discount code. 

You can combine both options, in order to make sure the client gets the discount. In both cases, you have to go to editing SMS > Add a Tag > and choose the direct link to cart with discount or you can only insert the discount code to be copy pasted when checking out.