New Cart Campaign Automation for Smarter Retargeting & Better Performance

We’re really excited to roll out our new Carts Retargeting Automation tool, allowing you to keep the focus on your users and increase the performance of your cart campaigns instead of getting caught up in complicated rules. Here’s a run down on the updates:

1-Introducing User Journey for Dynamic Multi-channel Campaigns

Focus on the user instead of the rules

Instead of setting up separate campaigns for identified and partially unidentified carts, smarter dynamic fallback campaigns retarget your customers automatically on the best mix of channels, and constantly updates as new contact data comes in. CartsGuru’s smart fallback campaigns will automatically optimize your reach and conversion.

  • No need to set up multiple campaigns for identified and non-identified carts, or to choose between Email, SMS or FB messenger. Messages are sent via your preferred channel but can fallback to another channel if the message is not read or not delivered. 
  • Define your next touchpoint action according to the outcome of the previous one. (bounced/reached)
  • You still have the ability to filter your audience as identified or unidentified if needed.
  • Avoid sending duplicate messages across all your channels.
  • Easier visualization of your campaign setup and performance 

Picture this:

A customer visited your website, he did not give any contact details but thanks to your amazing widget he opt-in FB messenger!
(Want to know everything to set up this widget on your e-commerce click here)

  • You can start to retarget on FB Messenger 

Then, the customer comes back, leaves some contact details but still doesn’t convert

  • Retargeting rules are adjusted in real-time to reach out your contact on the new available channels (Email or SMS)

 2- Advanced Audience Targeting for Easy Customization

Quickly add additional criteria to tailor campaigns to exactly the right audience

Our new Audience settings are not only easier to set up but also allow for multiple criteria. So you can quickly add as much custom tailoring as you like to make sure you reach exactly the right targets.

Filter your audience according to specific criteria (country, order status...)

If necessary, you can still filter manually your audience to talk in a different way to visitors who are identified with account information from visitors partially identified (ex: FB messenger opt-in but no account). More info here.

3- Analytics: Clearer view of Data for Easy Optimization

With our improved analytics, you can quickly get an overview of all of your campaigns and also compare performance to identify the best performing channels and workflows and adjust accordingly.

  • Global overview of all your campaigns’ performance 
  • Manage & compare your results by channel
  • View your results by reach and adapt the audiences accordingly

We’re committed to continuously improving CartsGuru to help you win and keep customers, without the need for hours of complicated setup and analysis. We hope that you enjoy using the new tools and look forward to your feedback!