How to use UTM codes to track your email?

How do you track the success of your email marketing efforts?

While measuring open and click-through rates are a great start, it’s useful to understand what people do on your website after they click-through from your campaigns.

To do this, you can use UTM codes to tell your analytics tool that these people visited from your email campaigns and track exactly what they do on your site, from the pages they visited to the items they purchased.

In this post, you’ll learn what UTM codes are, how you can add them to your email campaigns, and the kind of reporting you can access once they’re enabled.

Once you’ve enabled the feature, the email builder will automatically add UTM codes to any link you create in your campaigns. It uses the following conventions:

  • utm_campaign = the email campaign name (personalizable field)
  • utm_medium = 'email'
  • utm_source = 'Carts Guru'

By filling out the utm_campaign, you can very elegantly and easily track all the results you get from a given email. If you’ve got a few goals set up in Google Analytics (like purchases, white paper downloads, etc), you can see specifically what results a particular email generated.

Wrap up

By using UTM codes in your email campaigns, regardless of whether they are manually or automatically generated, you can track the performance of your campaigns beyond clicks and opens.

By combining these codes with analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can see exactly how much revenue each campaign is generating understand the ROI of your email marketing.