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How do I start a Facebook Ads Retargeting campaign?

You can setup a Facebook Ads retargeting campaign within minutes.

Step 1 : Configure your Account

Go to the website menu and click "Facebook Ads" into settings.

Follow the steps:

  • Login via Facebook
  • Connect your Business Manager
  • Connect your Ad Account
  • Your payment method into Facebook (if you don't have one)
  • Select your Pixel
  • Link your instagram Account (Not mandatory)

You are all set!

You can now check the settings and choose if you want Carts Guru to feed the Pixel with events.

Step 2 : Create your first Ad!

Go to the website menu and click "Retargeting Rules", select Facebook Ads rules.

  • Click "Add rule"
  • Configure your Ad



  • Headline
  • Text
  • Description
  • Placements

Manage your Ad timing

  • Select when the Ad should start
  • When the Ad should stop
  • Add Ad after the previous one to customize Advertising experience