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How do I set up rules? How is the Customer Journey involved?

1. When you set up your rules, first think about your audience.

Do you want or need to address your abandoned carts with a different strategy? Do all your customers benefit from the same discount? How can you split your audience to offer a meaningful and personalized user-journey ?

The audience tab of each rule will help you to define criteria to target specific abandoned carts.

Don't forget: defining the right target is key to ensure a great conversation rate

2.  Set up your rules in the order of specificity, from most narrow to most broad.

Carts Guru only retargets your abandoned carts but allows you to narrow down and specifically target abandoned carts in the Audience tab.  

Keep in mind that when setting up your audience criteria, narrowing down your audience will also narrow down your reach. Start with your most specific rule, because if the rule is not fulfilled, it will automatically implement the next rule. For example, you can use this strategy with specific rules when targeting high valued carts. 

Don't forget: If want to retarget all your abandoned carts, make sure the last rule in place has no specific criteria. This rule will retarget all the lost abandoned carts that do not match the previous other rules by default.


Imagine your top priority is to convert your high valued abandoned carts based in US. In the mean time, you don't want to lose the opportunity to convert all your other carts and need to offer them a slightly different customer experience.

You could split up your rules this way: 

1. Your first rule can be dedicated to your lost US based abandoned carts > $500 that offers a free delivery and/or specific discount for those high valued carts.

2. You can create a second rule (with a smaller discount for example), to make sure you retarget all your US based abandoned carts and eventually incentivize them with free shipping.

3.  Finally don't forget to create a last rule to retarget all the other abandoned carts based outside of the US. You might not want to offer them a free-delivery but just a reminder without discount. In this case, you don't have to specify anything in the Audience tab.

3. Once you have defined your target, you can set up the user-journey accordingly.

In the user-journey tab you can specify when the customers receive messages, on what medium, and with what discount.

Let's go back to our previous example.

For the rule 1 : US-Abandoned Carts > $500, in the USER JOURNEY tab, you can set up a dedicated touchpoint and attach the content and discount you want to apply. If you want to offer free-delivery after one day to your US based abandoned carts that have a cart value > $500, you can do it just like this:

Don't forget: You can define your next message based on the outcome of the previous one to make sure customers aren't getting overloaded.

For more tips & best practices to implement the perfect rules for your eCommerce, don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success!