Editing Rules

To edit your rules, go to  > "Retargeting Automation" > "Carts" > |Add a rule"

Be aware, rules are activated by default when you add a new one. Therefore you might have to "Add Rule". Click the arrow (as indicated below) to return to the previous page.

Then > "Rule Details" > "Edit It".

You can see three sections in rule details: Analytics, Audience and User Journey.

1. Analytics: Find key performance indicators of the rule.

2. Audience: This is where you define the audience of the rule > "add condition" > "choose audience". Be aware, if you add a price condition, the prices have to be tax free.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to add two or more conditions: it CANNOT be “condition X” OR “condition Y”, it will be “condition X” AND “condition Y”.

You cannot create a rule that includes both product X and product Y simultaneously. If you want to retarget carts containing either product X or product Y, you have to create two separate rules. 

However, you can exclude several segments. 

3. User Journey

Within each scenario you can add several touch points that correspond to different timeframes at which you want to send a message using a specific channel. 

Example: First touch point at 20 minutes = 20 minutes after the cart was abandoned (and no interaction on the website), you send a simple recovery SMS.

The following touch point will be an email sent 3 hours after the last retargeting message was sent (if and only the visitor has not interacted on the website 3hrs after the SMS was sent.

Example: The length of this retargeting strategy is 3 hours and 20 minutes long.

You also have the possibility to send different content from the same channel or to add different channels in one touch point by clicking on > "add an action" > "select the channel" > "select the message".

You can tick “if previous action bounced, send the following” (see above image). This means that if the SMS is not sent (for any reason: no phone number collected for example), the email will be sent. But if the SMS is NOT bounced, the email will not be sent. 

Or you can tick “send anyway” if you want to send the following message anyway.