Performance Analysis - My Dashboard KPIs

In order to analyse the performance performed by Carts Guru, you can take a look at the dashboard (see image below).

On the dashboard you’ll find all the key performances indicators. The asterisk beside each indicator will give you a more detailed description about each.

More detailed descriptions regarding your KPI dashboard:

  • Revenue: The revenue generated thanks to Carts Guru.
  • Sales: The number of carts that converted into a sale thanks to Carts Guru.
  • Lost carts: Total number of abandoned carts, tracked on your website, retargeted or not.
  • Processed carts: All carts for which the retargeting process is complete.
  • Conversion rate: The number of processed carts over the number of sales made thanks to Carts Guru’ action.
  • Processing carts: All the carts under retargeting process.
  • Average cart: The average value of a cart on your website.
  • Abandonment rate: Percentage of abandoned carts on your website.

You can also have more insights regarding the revenue per channel, sales per channel, conversion rate per channel and the average carts per channel. The aim here is for you to see which channel works best for your business, and then adapt the strategy according to your results.

Furthermore, at the bottom of the main dashboard page you can find the number of messages sent per channel.

Other Essential Indicators:

  • The Delivery Rate: In case a Text Message cannot be sent; for example because the user has not given consent for their phone number, or a phone is switched off, this will taken into account when measuring the delivery rate.
  • Opening Rate: The number of opened messages divided by the number of message sent by Carts Guru.
  • The CTR: Click-Through Rate: The number of opened emails divided by emails sent, measured as a %. (example)
  • The Unique CTR: The percentage of users that clicked on any message regardless the type of channel used.