Collection: Performance Analysis - How to Improve my KPIs ?

At Carts Guru we are providing you with an account manager, overseeing the performance of your KPIs. An account manager can work with you, in order to optimise your results and taking the best decisions for your business.

The "conversion rate" is the most important insight of the strategy you’re using. Your business wants to have the highest conversion rate as posible. There is no “best” conversion rate, however, if the conversion rate is under 12%,  it means that your strategy has not been fully optimised, and we can improve your results. 

  • It either means that the strategy is not efficient, not adapted to your website, your target.
  • There is a technical problem, which can occur sometimes. For that specific case, we provide you with technical support.

Analyze each rules’ performance: If you want detailed results per rule, you can also go to > retargeting automation> rule details> analytics.