Boost Your Retargeting on Facebook Messenger using Widgets

Send a personalized message via Facebook Messenger to recover even more abandoned carts! Build a relationship with your customers, offer discounts, up-sells and recommend products.

Activate the Widgets Feature to increase your Facebook Messenger Opt-in list.

There are 3 widgets available, 2 of which we show below. In the first image you can see the "Add to cart embedded" widget, which is displayed directly on the product page.

Next, we have the "Add to cart popup" widget, which is displayed when the customer clicks "Add to Cart".

Full demo of the Feature:


Step by step process to configure the widgets

Step 1: Link your Facebook Page

Go to Website > Templates > Facebook Messenger and follow the process to get permissions.

Refer to the video below to get help with configuration:

Step 2: Create Facebook Messenger Messages Templates

Next, you'll want to create messenger templates, to be used in Step 3 when you create re-targeting rules.

Refer to the video below to learn how to create 'Facebook Messenger' messages templates:

Step 3: Widgets

Create attention-grabbing campaigns that captivate visitors, increase your Facebook Messenger subscribers, and capture more leads.

Choose between 2 types of Incentive

Lottery Slot

Gamification has been used by the best marketers for ages. We are simply the first platform that connected it to a pop-up window and made the pop-up fun again. The perception of the annoying pop-up app is now forever changed.

Direct Discount

Give users an immediate discount after opt-in.

Refer to the video below to learn how to configure Widgets: