How to Analyze the Performance of my Scenarios?

You’ll find an overview of every campaign scenario you’ve run -- and how they’ve performed -- under the Rules Report tab on the Carts Guru toolbar.

You’ll find a helpful filter option on the left-hand side of your screen that allows you to specify a date range or a website, if you manage more than one eCommerce store.

You’ll find these performance indicators in your rules report:

  • Revenue: total sales on a given site.
  • Sales: number of shopping carts converted into transactions.
  • Conversion rate: % of retargeting actions that resulted in a sale.
  • Average basket amount: average amount per converted cart (revenue/number of sales).

The report for each campaign rule displays a reminder of your chosen parameters. This overview allows you to quickly compare performances between different campaign configurations.

How do I visualize my campaign rules history?

Each campaign rule can be modified at any time. You can add, remove and edit conditions like time before action, product or family of products, transaction amount and more. You can also change actions, for example from text message to automatic call, or add a new action. Modifying a scenario’s rules directly impacts the conversion rate and can lead to higher performance.

Every campaign rule report includes a history of modifications made and each one’s performance, so you can evaluate which strategies work best.