SMS Callback puts shoppers in touch with one of your customer service agents, so their questions and concerns can be addressed in real time. This is really helpful for small carts or websites that experience a high rate of shopping cart abandonment.

Give customers the option to speak with a customer service representative.

  • The customer receives a (personalized) text message like "Hi John, it seems like your payment has failed. No worries! That’s usually because of an expired credit card or incorrect billing address. You can retry by clicking on this link. If you need assistance, just reply "1" to this message and we’ll call you immediately at no charge :)
  • When the customer replies with "1" during working hours, your customer service agent receives an automatic voice message from Carts Guru with customer information (first name, need...). The agent can either press "1" to get in touch with the customer immediately, or press "2" to hear the information again.
  • The customer receives a call almost immediately, and hears a waiting music while the agent listens to automatic message.

What if I get a request outside of working hours?

If the customer replies "1" (asks for a call) while your business if closed, they will automatically receive another text message with opening hour information and reassurance that you’ll reply as soon as possible. You’ll receive an email notification with the customer’s information.

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